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Wiring colors in are usually yellow and blue, or white and black. Black bobbins pickups often had no date if they did it was pencil hand written. Nice missmatch of light grey and purple-ish bottom, from a mustang model. Still three black bobbins, yellow and blue wire. CTS pots. Very rare set of pots, with the code usually seen on telecasters and P. Basses this seems to happen only in ?

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Forgot your password? By ashtray , June 1, in Electric Guitars. So I acquired a set of Fender pickups that my buddy had laying around. The pickups are Fender single coil Stratocaster pickups. They have grey bottoms light grey?

A single coil pickup is a type of magnetic transducer, or pickup, for the electric guitar and the This image shows three single coil pickups on a Stratocaster guitar. Left to right: Vertical differential coil technique is also described in Kinman’s US Patents 5,, and 6,, with priority date of March After

We explore their timeless magnetic attraction for guitar players. Carson also wanted four or five pickups on the Strat, but, fortunately, Leo had the good sense to veto that suggestion. Breaking one down into its individual components and examining manufacturing inconsistencies may provide some of the clues. Since the magnetic slugs were of a consistent diameter, holes were made in both the top and bottom flat that were tight enough to hold position on the slugs through friction alone.

Initially, the fibreboard was black, but this changed to grey around March of Later in the s, the grey got darker. I have never seen a pencil date on the base of a pre-CBS Strat pickup with black flat work. Fender started using a yellow date stamp when the grey bottoms appeared; however, this changed to a handwritten date around and, by the lates, Fender was using a black date stamp.

The height-adjustment screws were threaded into extended ears on the bottom flat. If you grind up some fibreboard with sandpaper, you can mix it with Super Glue, fill the screw holes then re-drill.

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The guitar was introduced in The second tone is the compression sound. The more you turn it clockwise, the fatter the sound gets. A prototype had a softer V-neck than Blackie and Eric preferred it. The neck is one-piece maple construction with 22 frets and a small headstock.

Fender Pure Vintage ’59 Strat Pickup Set: : Electronics. Fender Deluxe Drive Stratocaster Pickups Date First Available, 20 December

Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you’ve entered a valid question. You can edit your question or post anyway. Please enter a question. Fender Pure Vintage ’59 Strat Pickup SetFrom vintage bobbin construction to genuine original-era cloth wiring all Fender Pure Vintage pickups are wound to precise specifications for authentic traditional Fender tone and performance.

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The pickups within an electric guitar have a huge impact on how a guitar sounds, and you may be leaning towards a certain tonal character or style before you even pick up a guitar. There are two main types of pickup to choose from: humbucker and single coil. Saying which one is right for you is like saying which band you prefer: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

It boils down to how you like your guitar to sound, what musical style you’re playing at the time, and how you want your guitar to interact with your other gear, i. However, certain pickups and configurations will make the job infinitely easier.

shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, when purchased from an Authorized Fender Pickup.

Few guitars carry more historical weight than the Fender Telecaster. With its compact body and brash, incisive twang, the Telecaster—first introduced by Fender in the s—played a pivotal role in the evolution of country music , electric blues , and, most of all, rock and roll. And when Bob Dylan mounted his first tour as an electric act , he did it with a Telecaster around his neck.

But if the Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster had been around when Bob was breaking hearts and blowing minds back in ’66, he would have been able to play both the acoustic and electric portions of his concert on the same guitar. With its round sound hole and naturally resonant body, the Acoustasonic plays and sounds like an acoustic guitar. But inside the instrument is an array of electronics that lets the player dial in a wide variety of sounds; when amplified, the Acoustasonic can take on the tonal character of different styles of acoustic guitar as well as solid-body and hollow-body electrics.

You can see one pickup positioned next to the bridge in the image above. Hidden inside the body is a three-piece system designed by Fender with the folks at Fishman, a company famous for its acoustic guitar pickups. A hour battery, which you charge via a USB port next to the cable jack, powers the pickups. The Acoustasonic also has two wooden knobs and a selector switch. On a normal Telecaster, the selector switch would allow the player to swap between pickups, turning one on and the other off.

But on the Acoustasonic, that switch lets you scroll through a series of digitally modeled tones that mimic different guitar types.

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The Stratocaster was first introduced in spring , it may well be the most popular and copied guitar design ever. Asymmetrical double cutaway body, contoured body on back and on lower bass bout where forearm rests , 3 single coil pickups with exposed poles, jack angled into top, tremolo standard but available without special order , 3 knobs volume, tone, tone , gold plated parts optional till Contoured ash body, two-color yellow to brown sunburst finish. Thin “spaghetti” peghead decal logo, no patent numbers.


Copyright , 20th Century Guitar Magazine. You may recall that I wrote an article in the March issue of TCG that described my research findings for dating Fender guitars and basses with those whacky green or red ink stamped codes. The new code consisted of 6, 7 or 8 digits and was usually stamped in green ink. An example of this type of neck code found on a Precision Bass is B.

Then in , Fender changed to a new type of neck stamp which had 8-digits which was stamped in green or red ink. An example of this is found on a Jazz Bass. These codes can, in general, be deciphered as described in the March article. Since that article was written, however, a number of examples have been submitted to me that do not fit the aforementioned dating system.

The bad news is that they cannot be fully deciphered using the system previously established. Hence, this update will explain how to interpret these other codes. According to long time Fender employees, Dave Maddux and Abigail Ybarra, Fender often used a date code that included the week number, day of the week, and a single digit for the year.

Fender Eric Clapton Signature Model Stratocaster

This is its story. Fender Electric Instrument Company, Fullerton, and That first black Stratocaster was never seen again.

Jason Lollar’s Stratocaster guitar pickups were designed for specific customer requests using vintage Fender amps for reference. That’s how the Tweed, Blonde​.

Ever since Fender started making basses in , they dated certain parts and components to give a general idea of when the instrument was produced. Then there are pickup and potentiometer date codes, serial numbers, and even bridge stamps and pickguard codes in some cases. So how do you properly determine the year of production? They just grabbed whatever part or component was ready and put the instrument together to fill an order as fast as possible. The general rule of thumb is that a bass is as old as its newest part, or at least its latest dated part.

So, if you have a Fender with a neck date of and the pots are dated , then you have a Fender Bass. There are some years in particular that can get really tricky. Some Precision Basses have no neck date stamp at all, and several Fender basses from to have neck stamp codes that are difficult to decipher and sometimes impossible to read. Body stamp dates were used by Fender from the early s to the mids, after which they stopped until the s where they started again sporadically to this day.

Potentiometer codes are pretty reliable for dating, usually indicating the year and week it was made.

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